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Wet socks/wet pants legs, burnt food, being cooped up, not having something to do.

It's become increasingly popular in my watchlist as of late, but it's nothing new. It's kinda gross to see people talk about how horrible/shitty/rude/not understanding/cruel their parents are on an art site for them not wanting them on said site. I know some people are looking for release from real problems (i.e. abuse, cruelty, etc), but by now folks should know my stance on those things. There is a time and a place for everything, a site explicitly for the sharing and creation of art is 100% not that place. Most of your watchers are between 12 and 30 something. You don't know who's giving you advice. Outside of a few people you'll hold close and should talk to about genuinely serious personal matters, your personal business and private affairs SHOULD (for your safety) stay private. There are plenty of safety reasons as to "why", there are help sites and place you can go to for anon. help and are literally made for those exact issues. (Abuse, cruelty, etc)  An art site like this, FULL of trolls, aggressive people, people who actually cannot understand certain complex issues and situations, etc. It's just not a place for serious issues like that. 

However, everyone is welcome to do as they like regardless, and I certainly won't stop you or say "I told you so" should something happen, at the end of the day it's not my business. I do have plenty of horror stories of people taking advantage of me (aggressively in some cases) which are directly related to my sharing of personal information to the masses. Personal stories by me, close friends, and even individuals elsewhere (places like reddit). Again, do what you will, but it's a warning that's worth heading to avoid heartbreak, or in some cases, more serious wounds. There was someone on my watch list complaining for the umpteenth time (that's a legit word omg) I diverge though, this is about how their parents didn't want an individual on deviantart.  Let me remind youths and adults of the US of a few things. Granted these are worst case scenario, some of these happened to people I know, and could happen to anyone you know. Worse case or not. 

A) You really aren't suppose to be "working" under the age of 16. I've seen and heard of cops even tearing down some young girls' lemonade stand, because they didn't have a "permit to sell". And "they" are looking for any reason or scape goat to tighten restrictions on internet. 

B) Using a paypal account under the age of 16 will cause you to lose your money until 18. If you are under 18 using a paypal account and they find out, your account will be suspended until 18 and all money within frozen until that time. 

C) Taking commissions counts are earning an income. You can face huge fines for not reporting the money you earn to taxes."if you are under age 65 and single, you must file a tax return if you earn $10,300 or more, which is the sum of the 2015 standard deduction for a single taxpayer plus one exemption."  It's doubtful that most people on these sites who draw on occasion will make that much money. The avg. Min. wage job (full time) earns about 15,000. The poverty threshold for someone living on their own is 11,000 a year. If you do commissions often enough you could make close to that. That's dependent, but you need to remember these things. A few folks on furaffinity I have worked with, or who pay bills and live off their art income have, been fined in the thousands for not reporting their income. They were caught through paypal. Gov. bodies will notice funds moving in and out. 

D) If you draw adult content, or even suggestive content, and you are not 18(16 in some states), you can get in - SERIOUS - trouble. If you are engaging in conversations suggestive, adult or other wise under 18 it's huge. Anyone you interact with who are older than you could face serious accusations as well. Anyone you communicate with on a constant basis at that point involved or not (should you get caught) would be subject to being searched (including their online accounts, emails, and personal computers/devices). Gov. Bodies do not play when it comes to underage sexual anything. As they should. 

E)  There are ALWAYS FUCKED UP PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET. I had a guy trying to find me in person at my college based on a profile photo. Barely knew the guy, we chatted for maybe 2-4 weeks. He came to my fucking college LOOKING FOR ME.  Even got close enough to find my friends, thank god he didn't find me by myself. They stuck up for me, but that could have been any one of you. I had a different guy show up, and he was definitely not the age he said he was. Shit happens to people all the time. There are people who are manipulative, clever, and cautious on the internet. People who could sell sand to a starving man in the desert, and convince him it's what he really wanted all along. Every day you chance to interact with someone pretending to be a 13 year old girl, and they're god at it. 

The moral? Try for a moment to think if it was YOUR child and YOU were the parent. Any parent in their right fucking mind would be cautious about letting their kids use any fucking massive site. Even deviantart. Any parent in their right mind would be scared for the child they love if their 14 years old has already hit 7000 followers, even 1000 is a lot. And despite what people say, the LEAST MATURE PEOPLE claim they are soooooooo fucking mature for their age. When they aren't. Can confirm.  That much popularity and widespread praise at that young age is fucking detrimental to kids, or often is. You can read about it if you like. Some handle it fine, and there are plenty of young "stars" who end up fucked from it. And that's just from acting/TV. Internet popularity is more aggressive, vicious, and cruel and abusive. 40 year olds hiding behind screens tearing down 15 year olds, like that would be a thing outside of the web.  "Friday" became just that,  despite that the song was genuinely bad, the way adults were going after a young girl Was hugely disgusting. No one else will be afforded any kindness either. So take it to hard, think before you talk a bunch of shit. Your parents, whether you understand now or not, are looking out for you. 

The worst abuse I've ever seen, in my years living in poverty (the last 25 years), lack of any care at all was the worst. "You want to date a 35 year old at barely 18 and you guys have been talking for a year? Yeah sure I don't care". "You wanna do meth? I don't care". "You wanna sell drugs and get into gang fights at 15? I don't care". That's the worst in it's own way. 

Take this with a grain of salt. It's not mean to be a rant, but a reminder, a re-grounding if you will.  People forget that they play with fire every single day. 


I'm on page 92, gotta remember that :') 
Ah man, deviant art ads though. "League of Angels" which is set up like World of Warcraft, but with league of legend characters{I see ash}, and Tyral from Torchlight. A screenshot for you to enjoy - Capture by Whitefeathur
I just wanted to let you guys know, I'm going to attempt to do some point commissions and so forth hopefully around august/september. In the mean time, I'm still extremely unwell, still looking for diagnosis' for my issues. I miss it here and hope you all are well!

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